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Burjeel Hospital Careers Dubai 2024 – Walk In Interview – Get Employed Now Free

Burjeel Hospital Careers: New Positions

Excellent News for Job Seekers: Prepare to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance provided by Burjeel Hospital Sharjah Careers UAE. Should you get employed by Burjeel Hospital Careers, this opportunity might help you advance your career far beyond your wildest expectations. career opportunities at Burjeel Hospital Careers. For more information about Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi Careers Abu Dhabi, keep reading. Throughout the whole UAE, offer yourself a chance. There are unquestionably many applications received each day for all of these opportunities. Let’s skip the remaining content of this section. One more thing: keep applying every day until you find the perfect job.

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Jobs Details: Burjeel Hospital Careers

Hospital Name Burjeel Hospital
Job Location Dubai & UAE
Nationality Any Nationality
Education Equivalent Degree/Diploma
Experience Mandatory
Salary Range Discuss during an interview
Benefits Standard Benefits
Job Type Full-Time & Part Time
Gender Male & Female
Posted Date 02 May 2024

Burjeel Hospital Careers

Burjeel Hospital Careers
Burjeel Hospital Careers

About Burjeel Hospital Careers:

Discover the healing arts Burjeel Hospital is Abu Dhabi’s top private healthcare institution, offering the expanding population of the emirate of Abu Dhabi top-notch, specialized, and outstanding treatment accompanied by a warm and individualized human touch. Burjeel Hospital, a division of VPS Healthcare, began accepting patients as a Tertiary hospital in April 2012 under the direction of the Health Authority for Abu Dhabi.

Guests and their families are the primary focus of the organization’s diverse teams of highly qualified and experienced health experts, who work together to deliver the finest treatment possible. In June 2013, 15 months after opening, Burjeel Hospital earned the renowned Joint Commission International (JCI) certification.

The hospital currently collaborates with some of the best healthcare organizations in the world for its centers of excellence, and it is growing into a renowned center of referral for cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive medicine, and many other specialties that perform difficult laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures.

Eligibility Criteria For Burjeel Hospital Sharjah Careers:

Before submitting a job application to Burjeel Hospital, be sure you satisfy the prerequisites for the position in question. Depending on the position, the qualifications may vary from job to job, but generally speaking, in order to be considered for a position at Burjeel Hospital, you must meet the following criteria:

Education: Burjeel Hospital is looking for people who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field that is relevant to the job, such as medicine, nursing, laboratory sciences, public health, or pharmaceuticals. A master’s degree or another type of professional certification may be required for some positions.

Experience: For some positions, Burjeel Hospital may require prior experience in a related field. Working in a lab or a healthcare setting like a hospital or clinic may be required for this.

Depending on the job, it could be required for you to have a valid license in the state where you’re applying. For instance, if you’re considering a profession as a nurse, you’ll need to hold a valid nursing license.

All employees at Burjeel Hospital are required to have a solid understanding of technology, including computers. Using the Internet and email, as well as having a basic understanding of the Microsoft Office software suite and other computer programs, are all included in this.

Qualification & Requirements For Burjeel Hospital Dubai Careers:

We at Burjeel Hospital are aware that different positions require different backgrounds and training. Whether a candidate wants to join our team as a doctor, nurse, or administrative staff, we will ensure that they meet the prerequisites and requirements for their position.


All of our physicians at Burjeel Hospital Careers are required to have the necessary certifications and licenses, such as the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), and MD/MS in the relevant specialty. Candidates must also be active members of the Medical Council of India or another professional association.


We are looking for knowledgeable and experienced registered nurses with a nursing diploma or degree from an accredited institution. The ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience and a valid nursing license.

Administrative Staff:

Our administrative staff members have to be educated in business management, accounting, or a related field and trained in office administration. A candidate must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and possess excellent communication and organizational skills.

At Burjeel Hospital, we’re committed to providing all of our staff with the education and resources they need to be successful in their positions. We believe that having the right qualifications and requirements for each position will help us create a reliable and skilled workforce.

List Of Vacancies Burjeel Hospital Dubai Careers (New Update):

Job Title Location

Medical/Surgical Ward












General Surgery




Obstetrics & Gynecology










Plastic Surgery






Vascular Surgery




Other core specialties


Registered Nurses




Labor and Delivery Room


Emergency and Ambulance


Operation Theatre




Cath Lab


Critical Care


How to Apply For Burjeel Hospital Careers Abu Dhabi?

You must understand how to apply if you want to join the team of highly qualified specialists at Burjeel Hospital. An instruction manual for applying for positions at Burjeel Hospital is provided below:

  1. Create a Profile

After creating your profile, you can look through Burjeel Hospital’s job openings. The job postings can be filtered by location, specialty, and category. To be notified when new job postings are made, you can also set up a job alert.

  1. Submit an Application

You can apply online once you’ve found a job posting that grabs your attention. Additional details like your background, education, and references are required.

  1. Interviews

If your application is accepted, you’ll be invited to attend an interview. The interview will typically include a skills assessment, a review of your qualifications, and a discussion about the job.

  1. Offer Letter

If you pass the interview, you’ll be offered a job at Burjeel Hospital. The offer letter will include information about the salary, benefits, and other details of the job.

By following these steps, you can apply for a job at Burjeel Hospital. With its excellent medical services and dedicated team of professionals, Burjeel Hospital is a great place to build your career. So if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, now is the time to learn how to apply for Burjeel Hospital jobs.

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