Tuesday , June 11 2024

University of Ottawa Careers (333+ New Vacancies)

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University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa Careers (333+ New Vacancies)

List of Opening Vacancies in the University of Ottawa Careers:

  1. Senior Officer, Administrative Support
  2. Intermediate Coordinator, Administrative Support
  3. Senior Officer, Administrative Support
  4. CUPE: Spring/Summer 2023; TA: TMM3009
  5. Specialist, Admissions
  6. Intermediate Specialist, Student Recruitment
  7. Intermediate Specialist, Student Recruitment
  8. Senior Officer, Graduate Studies Administration
  9. Senior Officer, Administrative Support
  10. Intermediate Technician, IT Support
  11. Senior Information Officer, Customer Service
  12. Assistant to the Director
  13. Intermediate Technician, IT Support
  14. Senior Officer, Academic Administration
  15. Senior Officer, Academic Administration
  16. Security Guard: Safety
  17. Coordonnateur (trice) intermédiare, Soutien administratif
  18. Intermediate Technician, Access
  19. Senior Database Administrator
  20. Intermediate Specialist, Academic Administration
  21. Intermediate Specialist, Admissions
  22. Lead Coordinator, Academic Program Management
  23. Lead Coordinator, Accreditation and Program Evaluation
  24. Lead Coordinator, Communications and Liaison activities
  25. Senior Officer, Administrative Support
  26. Senior Technician, Laboratory Support, Exercise in Physiology
  27. Specialist, Project Management
  28. Supervisor, Academic Administration
  29. SCFP: Hiver 2024; TA: Clinical courses in nursing Sciences
  30. Lead Project and Administration Officer
  31. CUPE: Winter 2024; TA: Nursing Clinical Courses

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