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Dubai Government HR Jobs (110+ New Vacancies)

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Dubai Government HR

Dubai Government HR Jobs (110+ New Vacancies)

List Of Vacancies: Dubai Government HR Jobs;

  1. Chief Specialist, Safety Certification and Regulation
  2. Montage Executive
  3. Video creative production Executive
  4. Consumables Material Inspection Officer
  5. Director, Roads and Facilities Maintenance
  6. Maine Junior Accountant
  7. Senior Collection Loan Officer
  8. Manager, Corporate Planning
  9. محاسب المقبوضات
  10. Senior Specialist: Drivers Licensing Development and Regulation
  11. Chief Engineer, Networks
  12. Chief Specialist: Organizational Structures and Corporate Documents
  13. Talent Pool: Fresh Graduate (HR)
  14. Manager, HR Business Affairs
  15. Manager: Assets Information
  16. Chief Supervisor, Planning and Development Transportation Network
  17. Manager, Development & Corporate Agility
  18. Manager, Public-Private Partnership, UAE Nationals Only
  19. Senior Endowments and Real Estate Officer
  20. Director, Assets Management, UAE Nationals Only
  21. Specialist: Licensing Systems Support
  22. Senior Internal Auditor, Operations & Corporate Support Audit
  23. Senior Supervisor-Service Providers
  24. Manager, Digital Services Development
  25. Head of Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Section
  26. Senior Air Traffic Management Specialist
  27. Head of Aviation Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Section
  28. Procedure Designer
  29. Obstacle Control Officer
  30. Senior Obstacle Control Officer

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